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Stone meets wood. The center of this gorgeous floor is dominated by a stone medallion.  It is cradled in walnut and bordered by cherry and maple.  Red oak completes the rest of this one of a kind floor. Amazing what creativity and time creates.
Who said bow ties were out?  This simple but elegant design uses walnut and red oak.  
A gorgeous walnut and maple medallion is the hero of this floor.  Red oak cut on the diagonal completes the rest of this show stopper.
Rays of walnut and red oak caress the stone center on this incredible floor.  Perfect floor for a large entry hall.
One of a kind. This beautiful birch sun ray medallion has Santos mahogany darts floating in a field of red oak.
Simple but elegant border of walnut and maple really stands out against this red oak floor.
This is a great design for a hallway.  Walnut, red oak and Brazilian cherry make you want to stop and stare.
"A tisket a tasket" this beautiful basket weave pattern was created with maple and walnut.  Perfection.
If you didn't know what a Rhombus was before, you do now.  This interesting combination of walnut, red oak and maple make you think you have 3D glasses on.
Stop, drop and touch this floor.  Red oak and walnut blocks are a perfect combination for an entry hall, office or even a game room.
This sweet basket weave floor was created with red oak and walnut.  It would be a shame to ever put a rug over this design.
Looking for bathroom ideas? Start with a tumbled marble medallion set it in 6 x 6" tiles.  Gorgeous
Who says bathroom walls should be dry walled?  Try porcelain mosaic and top with a marble 1/2" round cap.  Your friends will be jealous.
Looking for an updated look for your kitchen?  Oak floors are it.  They are easier to take care of then your mother thought.
Oak and stainless steel.  It doesn't get better than this.

A modest kitchen takes on a new look by simply adding an oak floor.  This can also help revitalize the look of older cabinets by simply bringing out the rich wood tones.

An oak staircase replaces carpet.  This adds a clean streamlined look and is low maintenance.  No more vacuum to haul up and down.  Simply dust and they’re clean.

An oak floor creates a simple backdrop in a small space. 

A hardwood floor in a great room or living area provides an excellent background for any style.  In this case an oak floor was paired with existing built-ins and moldings for a stunning uniformed look.  Some homeowners may prefer a contrast to existing wood tones, which is easily possible with an infinite number of stains.   A border in a contrasting wood tone or  is another great way to help define a space.

A grand hardwood staircase provides a stunning entrance to this home.  Not only can a hardwood staircase create an artistic focal point, but they also provide durability to a high traffic area.  A simple refinishing is all that this staircase will need in the future to maintain it’s timeless beauty.  Consider a hardwood surface for any high traffic area in your home. 

An oak floor with a walnut inlay creates an artistic focal point.  The dramatic wood tones bring out the natural beauty of each species.  Inlays and borders can help define an area in a large space, or simply create a stunning visual in any room.

If you are looking for drama and sophistication try this combination of brazilian cherry and maple.  Let our professional installers help you created the look that will make any room in your home unique and interesting. 

A simple hardwood floor provides this bedroom with elegance and versatility.  Considering adding hardwood next to another existing hardwood floor?  PGB Flooring can help you match an existing stain or “weave” in a new wood floor to create a hardwood surface that looks flawless.

Porcelain tile in various tones and sizes was an economical way to modernize this laundry room.  The durability and style this floor displays will allow its owners to enjoy a maintenance free floor for years to come.  Consider tile in a room such as a bathroom or laundry/mud room.  It will flawlessly stand up to the traffic and water such areas often carry.


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